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Master the Art of Being an Effective Customer Success Manager 

Learn the key methods, best practices and strategies that are guaranteed to increase your effectiveness as a Customer Success Manager.

Summer Cohort begins June 19, 2017


Registration for the Summer Cohort closes on June 16, 2017

About the Program

The SuccessHacker CSM Coaching Program is a 6-month, instructor-led, interactive course designed to increase your effectiveness as a Customer Success Manager. 

The program covers 24 topics, delivered in weekly lessons, that are critical to your success as a CSM. Each week you will be introduced to a new focus area through content and lessons delivered in a variety of formats. 

In addition to the lessons, the program also features live Group Coaching sessions as well as private 1-1 coaching sessions with an experienced Customer Success executive. 

Our goal is to provide participants with the coaching they need to set personal and professional objectives, resolve current challenges and accelerate career growth.

Time Management

Master the art of effectively managing your time.

Better Outcomes  

Manage your book of business more effectively.

Deepen Relationships

Build advocacy, turn your best customers into your biggest fans.

Expert Assistance

Solve your challenges during Group & 1:1 Coaching sessions.

The SuccessHacker CSM Coaching Program provides both new and experienced CSMs with proven methods, best practices and tools that will enable you to up your CSM game and maximize your ability to make your customers successful. Take a look at what the program covers. 

Program Calendar

Summer Cohort begins June 19, 2017

Month 1

Week 1

Coaching Course Overview and Objectives 

Week 2

Origins of Customer Success 

Week 3

Understanding CS Metrics

Week 4

How to Think Like a Customer

Month 2

Week 1

Account Success Plan Development & Execution

Week 2

Effective QBRs/EBRs 

Week 3

Creating Advocacy

Week 4

Managing Accounts to Drive Increased CLTV

Month 3

Week 1

CSM Time Mastery - Define Who is in Control

Week 2

CSM TM - Set Your Agenda 

Week 3

CSM TM - Email Mastery

Week 4

CSM TM - Build an Accountability System That Will Stick

Month 4

Week 1

Taking a Consultative Approach with Your Customers 

Week 2

Execution and Follow Through

Week 3

Escalations and Ownership

Week 4

Handling Tricky Customers

Month 5

Week 1

Problem Solving and Decision Making - Introduction to OODA 

Week 2

Introduction the IDEAL Framework

Week 3

Introduction to 5 Whys

Week 4

Root Cause and Beyond

Month 6

Week 1

Cultivating and Nurturing Internal Relationships for Success 

Week 2

Aigning and Communicating with Sales

Week 3

Thinking "Customer First"

Week 4

Strategies for Responding to Customer Feedback


Brandy Guillory

"I really enjoyed the real world scenarios and examples. They helped me think about and apply the learnings to my role directly."

- Brandy Guillory, IBM 

"SuccessHacker’s CSM programs not only provided a great overview for those that are new to the CSM world, but also provided great detailed information that current Customer Success teams and CSMs can leverage to reduce churn risk and positively impact usage."

- Liz Murphy, Genesys 

Liz Murphy
Lori Pitts

"This course is a must-attend for CSMs and their leaders alike. It provides an excellent skills and information base to enable CSMs to be trusted advisors for their customers. I highly recommend!"

- Lori Pitts, Telogis 

"I feel very lucky to have attended this CSM program. It was filled with logical information that I could use immediately with my customers upon returning to work."

- T.J. Norman, FireMon 

T.J. Norman

Straightforward Pricing

Get the coaching and knowledge you need to succeed. Your CSM Coaching Program subscription includes:

  • Personalized Assessment 
  • Individualized Success Plans

  • 24+ Key Topic Areas Covered
  • Access to Templates and Tools

  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • One-on-one Private Coaching

  • Private Community
  • 100% Money Back Gaurantee


Pay for the program in 6 monthly installments.


Pay for the progam upfront and save 17%. 

Want to have your Team join the CSM Coaching Program? Group Discounts are available for Teams of 3 or more, please contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

If you don't feel that you are getting the value we promise within 30 days of the course starting, let us know and we'll refund your money straight away. Refunds can not be issued after your initial 30 days on the program. 

Will you be offering other dates?

Absolutely! We are planning to offer this program to a new cohort every quarter. If you cannot participate in the current cohort, please add your name to our waitlist to be informed the moment we open registrations for our next cohort.

What is the format for the program and how will information be shared?

The program will be delivered using a variety of mediums, including webinars, videos, emails and live conference calls. The lessons will be provided via email and through the OUTCOMES Community space setup for participants. Many of the lessons/topics will also be accompanied by tools and templates that can be used by participants. 

When does the program start/end? 

The program begins the week of June 19th and will be completed the week of December 11th. Some light content may be distributed the week of July 3rd and November 20th, but there will be no group coaching session or homework on those weeks due to the Independence Day and Thanksgiving holidays.

I'm an experienced CSM, is this program for me? 

It depends on you and where you are at in your personal development. The program has been designed to provide people who are considering a career as a CSM, as well as CSMs with less than 3 years of experience, with the skills they need to thrive in their role. We have found that much of the material is useful to even more experienced CSMs, especially the Advocacy, Time Mastery, Consultative Appoach and Effective QBRs/EBRs portions of the curriculum.  

What types of payment do you accept? 

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Discover and ACH. We do not accept PayPal. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.

Why did you choose a cohort-based approach?

Our experience shows us that people learn best when they have a chance to interact and build relationships with fellow students as they study. Each cohort in the program is limited to 50 students to guarantee the best possible outcomes.

Will participants be able to interact with one another during the program?  

Participants will have access to a private space on OUTCOMES Community and we encourage that participants interact with one another. This is not just about us speaking at you. We want you to interact with each other and help each other when possible. That space will remain beyond the completion of the program in “Alumni” status. 

How much time will this coaching program require? 

The time commitment for this program is expected to be approxiately 2-3 hours per week. There will be reading and exercises for you to complete which may require further time to be dedicated depending on your skills with the related materials. 

How do the Group Coaching and One-on-Ones work?  

The group coaching sessions are staffed by at least one member of the Coaching team. You can participate by dialing into a live conference call bridge where you can ask questions or just listen in. We expect most of the discussion to be focused on the content distributed for the topics presented that week, but we will also provide advice and guidance to program members on related topics or challenges. The One-on-Ones are scheduled private sessions with one of the Coaches.

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Registration for the Summer Cohort closes on June 16, 2017

Your Coaches 

Meet the coaches that will be working with you. 

James Scott | SuccessHacker

James Scott

12 years experience in Customer Success, Sales, Operations, Support & Services.

Andrew Marks | SuccessHacker

Andrew Marks

24 years experience in Operations, Customer Success, Services and Account Management.

Nils Vinje

Nils Vinje

Top 25 Influencer in Customer Success. Founder of Glide Consulting.

Todd Eby | SuccessHacker

Todd Eby

23 years experience in Operations, Customer Success, Services, and Product Development. 

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